Artwork Specifications for electronic files:


  • CD / DVD, via email (8mB maximum file size) or FTP Transfer for large file formats.


A: If your print will be viewed at a distance of less than 2m, electronic files should be set up with 10mm bleed to one of the following scales: 25% @ 400dpi / 50% @ 350dpi / 100% @ 100dpi. Jobs less than 2m2 should be set up at 100% of final size.

B: If the distance is between 2m and 15m, electronic files should be set up with 10mm bleed to one of the following scales: 10% @ 700dpi / 25% @ 300dpi / 50% @ 200dpi / 100% @ 70dpi

C: If the billboard is to be viewed from a distance of more than 15m, electronic files should be setup at 10% at 400dpi of finished size. Please add 10mm bleed on all sides of the artwork.

D: If you are unsure of the viewing distance, use specifications for item A above.


  • Adobe CS6 – High Resolution pdf / Illustrator / eps. Files submitted from PC need to have ALL TYPEFACE AND FONTS CONVERTED TO CURVES, PATHS OR OUTLINES. If using Corel Draw, please format to Adobe Illustrator (*.ai) as well as supplying the original Corel Draw file (*.cdr).



  • Where possible, please supply an industry standard proof and specify CMYK / PMS colours for accurate colour matching.


  • 1: Supply all layout files with fonts converted to curves, paths or outlines and all support files including fonts.
  • 2: Supply all images in high resolution CMYK colours.
  • 3: Use CMYK colours as much as possible to ensure colour matching. Please also provide PMS numbers for cross-reference, where applicable.
  • 4: Scale your job correctly.
  • 5: Supply hard copies of design for final checking to ensure accuracy.

If you have any questions, please contact one of our design team on (07) 5445 5411

  Click here to download a copy of Braggs Signs Artwork Specifications Sheet.

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